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Dr Vikrant Kishore, Lecturer, University of Newcastle

Dr Susan Kerrigan, Senior Lecturer, University of Newcastle

Dr Amit Sarwal, Honorary Associate Professor of RMIT University

WHAT is it all about

The School of Design, Communication & IT, University of Newcastle is organising a symposia and film festival on Bollywood Cinema from 8-9 May 2015. 


Bollywood, with aesthetics of its own, is a veritable storehouse of material that can be read in as many ways as possible. As a genre that has grown and developed over a period of 100 years, it is coloured by India’s history, politics, socio-economic conditions, culture, sensibilities, dreams, fantasies, hopes and expectations. It is a globalized cultural industry, cinema of attractions and the most fascinating film industry of the world packaged with romance, melodrama, action, costumes, songs and dance extravaganzas.


Come join the discussions on Bollywood cinema in the Symposium on 8th May... and watch some interesting Bollywood films in the Film Festival thereafter.


From Film academics to filmmakers... the symposium has a great line up of speakers and panelists. 


The Chief Guest for the symposium and the film festival is Sunjay Sudhir, the Indian Consul General (Sydney).



The Valedictory speaker at the syposium is Simon Wilmot.







Abbas Zaheer, University of Newcastle

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